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03: Product
Tripl Stitched

Photography by James Pearson-Howes.
Styling by Holly MacDonald.
Art Direction by KIOSK.

A couple of miles north from N1C you will find a factory doing something that no other factory in London can match. This is the home of Tripl Stitched, a new men’s brand that is entirely designed and manufactured in London. Not so rare you might say, but Tripl use incredibly rare, reconditioned machines that date back to the 1950’s, giving them an authentic cache that is hard to match.

Driven by a desire to bring premium shirt production back to the UK, Tripl have spent the last 10 years sourcing and restoring shirt-making machines from around the world. Perhaps not as quick as their modern equivalent, these machines have been brought back from the brink of being sent for recycling by Tripl, a company that clearly believes that every stage and detail of a ny process is important - even down to the tools you use.

Complimenting fine machinery with fine fabrics from Italy and Japan, along with graphics developed by London’s design elite, Tripl are on our ones-to-watch list. 

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