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01: People
The Angels

UK brands, LA kids.
Rosie Matheson shoots West Coast kids wearing some of Britain's brightest designers.

Photography by Rosie Matheson
Styling by Holly Macdonald

Crystal Tillman wearing Studio Nicholson trousers.

Christian Larrazabal wearing Studio Nicholson.

Corey Walsh wearing Richard Malone trousers.

Delfin Finley wearing a Second Best t-shirt.

Sydney Graham wearing a Mary Benson beret & Les Boys Les Girls t-shirt.

Xavier Larrazabal wearing a YMC t-shirt & Waven jeans.

Sierena & Lucas Warren wearing Toogood.

Amalia Mahoney wearing a Rocket two-piece

Jasmine Armani wearing a House of Sunny jacket.

Dillon Hanson wearing a Second Best jacket & Liam Hodges shorts.

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