About Kiosk.

The relocation of Central Saint Martins from Charing Cross Road to King's Cross was the first sign that changes were afoot off Euston Road. As the UK's premier arts and fashion institute, whose celebrated alumni include Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney and M.I.A, to name a few, the move brought the world's cutting edge to Granary Square.

A smart move. The youth had arrived, and with them came the creative spirit that drives London.

King's Cross has always been the portal by which goods and people access London. It fizzes with energy and momentum and the regeneration of the area has managed to harness this positive force.

Within a half-mile radius you can find Europe's largest recording studio, Google's new headquarters, London's Eurostar terminal, The Francis Crick Institute, The Guardian, the British Library and Central Saint Martins. They all form King's Cross keystones, but who are the people making London thrive in between these big players?

Kiosk magazine is this conversation made manifest. This first issue sees us talk to designers, artists and the founder of London's foremost design show. We dig in the crates to unearth the areas nightlife; the founder of KERB tells us stories of the beginnings of street food on King's Boulevard, and the director of the Gagosian tells us about creative and commercial decision-making.

We believe that a healthy city is made of a chorus of individual voices. As the renowned urbanist Jane Jacobs wrote of the modern city in 1961:

"A sense of place is built up, in the end, from many little things, some so small people take them for granted, and yet the lack of them takes the flavour out of the city"

As King's Cross continues to grow, we look forward to bringing you stories of these "many little things".