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02: Spaces
King's Cross Pond Club

King's Cross Pond Club is the creation of Ooze Architects and artist Marjetica Potrc.

Words by Sylvain Hartenburg
Photo Story by Samuel Bradley

“King's Cross was a great place to explore and experiment. We were asked to think about it in 2013 when most of the site was still a wasteland with many remains of transport and energy infrastructure. This context, the proximity of the water, what King's Cross represented before the re-development, was of true inspiration for us. It was important to introduce in the narrative of the work this dialogue with the site in transition.”

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"The act of swimming is a primordial act, the body becomes more sensitive and aware of nature in water. It is a symbolic act for the balance of living in a sustainable city."

kX Pond 8kX Pond 8

Champion Jumper
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“In the winter period the sauna worked well and the addition of hot showers was a plus for the dedicated swimmers who were coming to swim in the cold waters. We have met representatives of the neighborhood association who live next to the pond. They truly love it and consider it a tool of integration between the different communities on the site.

The enclosed site presents the natural environment in miniature, a landscape in motion, a theatre of ecological cycles: the water cycle, the plant cycle and the soil cycle.”

Photography by Samuel Bradley
Assisted by Sam Wilson and Liam Prior
Casting and Styling by Holly Macdonald

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