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Jess Kohl

Recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, photographer Jess Kohl has wasted no time in publishing her first book.

'Friends Of The Dead' is a photo study of the 'Magnificent Seven' cemeteries that circle London. Originally part of Jess's final work at CSM, we felt it was one of the stand out pieces from last years graduating class.

The Magnificent Seven were originally created as a result of London's swelling population and the seven great gothic cemeteries span the capital from Highgate to West Norwood. Jess captures folk who work, visit and for whatever reason come to do their research, be inspired or even relax in these sprawling Victorian places of the dead.

"We are so lucky in London to have the Magnificent Seven cemeteries on our doorstep, and I feel that these spaces are often overlooked. I have an interest in people, humanity, and especially those on the fringes of society, so combining cemeteries and the people that inhabit them was an organic evolution of this."

Friends of The Dead can be purchased directly from Jess's site

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